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I'AMedia ltd. was founded in 2003. Since it's inception the company has excelled in commercial video and film production. Company credits include Discovery Channel, the band RUSH, and several fortune 500 companies.  In 2016, as a way of expanded our video services, we added FAA licensed drone pilots to our roster. I'AMedia is verified as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with the VA and the State of Ohio. 


Certificates and License:
Service Disable Veteran Owned Small Business,
FAA licensed, Veteran-Friendly Business Enterprise 

Joshua A Porter Producer/ Director

                                                                                 After honorable service                                                                                      in the U.S. Air Force,                                                                                            Joshua immediately                                                                                           decided  to enroll in film                                                                                     school. Since 2001, he has                                                                                 worked as a commercial                                                                                     and television producer                                                                                       and director. In 2003 he                                                                                     founded I’AMedia, a full                                                                                    service production studio     located in Columbus, Ohio.


Their clients include television productions for Discovery, PBS, Nationwide and film work for Lionsgate, Smuggler and many others.


In 2008, with the renewed Ohio film tax incentive and Hollywood invading Ohio, he quickly found his passion for work in feature film productions. A couple years later he went on to develop and write four feature film scripts.


He was invited to speak at the 2014,Sundance Film Festival where his shortfilm, “Fin Del Año" (Year’s End) was screened. The film also received eight nominations at the 168hr film festival in Los Angeles in 2013. The film was up for best picture with a prize of a $1million dollar film budget. Although he did not win the “best picture” award the winning producers approached Joshua, finding out that the short was developed and written into a feature script. There are plans to produce this film next year with his other projects quickly following.


For more information on Joshua Porter visit his company website and IMDB page as seen below.


IMDB page:





Video Production Photo Behind the Scenes
Cedric Dean Williams, Producer/Writer
Born a military brat, he traveled the world and lived a long stint in Taiwan. Cedric and Joshua meet in 1998 at Lackland Air Force base in San Antonio, Texas. They started developing scripts ever since... 
As a lead story producer Cedric is responsible for creating main plots of the film and revising the story as it is written.
When not on set producing, Cedric enjoys listening to his favorite band while having the top down in his Jeep. 

Ced battled cancer, even during the entire pandemic. He is a man who loves his family and faithfully followed in Jesus Christ's footsteps. He ministered as much as he made movies. Every production we do is in honor of his passion for speaking into people's lives. 


RIP my brother!...until we meet again.

Film and Video services:

- In house feature producer 

- Commercial video producers

- Script writing/creative services

- Video production crew for hire

- Edit suite and vocal booth rental

- Camera and equipment rental

- Props department

- Video production for events

- Corporate video production

- Website video production

- Aerial Videography (drone and        helicopter) 

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