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Our client's video production needs are diverse as the companies themselves, from corporate communication to narrative storytelling. Our unique talents arrive at the time of development and continue far after post-production. Our capalities include creative script writing, detailed budgeting, and high-end production to the final video edit.   

Our passion for video and film production doesn't end with our client's last project. We continue to pursue this creative endeavor with all we have and when there is time you'll find us premiering 

our own films during the festivals, i.e. Sundance, AFM, Toronto,...  

2013 - Fin Del Año premiered in Los Angeles at the International Film Festival, 168 hour film project and recieved eight nominations. Nominations included: Best Film (Joshua A. Porter), Best Screenplay (J Walter Cohen), Best Director (Joshua A. Porter), Best Cinematography (Dan Parsons), Best Actor (Kenny Santiago)

2013 - Fin Del Año was honored to premiere during Sundance with the support of Christian Center of Park City.

2015 Lorain Film Commission - Recieved "Best Director" award for outstanding directing for the production of Fin Del Año.

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