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Films in development

Year's End (Fin Del Año)

Directors:  Joshua A. Porter

Screenwriter:  J. Walter Cohen 

Genre:  Family/Action/Drama


One day, while Sergio is cleaning out his employers horse barn, Mr. Fowler advises him that he cannot renew Sergios visa. Mr. Fowler is firm about his decision but manages to connect him with Jack, an intolerant and selfish horse farm manager living in another state. With Jack being the cold-hearted antagonist and Sergio the compassionate protagonist the tension builds. While being introduced to his duties he shudders at the sight of the restricted horses. Their vulnerability parallel his own fear. Weeks later Sergio receives unexpected news that shatters his world. Cecilia, his wife, is deathly ill. On the farm Sergio is being ordered by Jack to put down an innocent runt colt born into a champion racing bloodline. He cant find the will within himself to do such a horrible thing so he decides to secretly save the colt and care for it himself. When Jack discovers what Sergio has done he is furious. Sergio pleads with Jack to reconsider. Jack eventually agrees knowing he will threaten to call the ICE Agents if this becomes a problem. The relationship between Sergio and the colt blooms. Sergios gift of nurturing the colt gives rise to a miraculous change in the colt, as well as Sergios confidence and faith in God to protect his family until he can reach them. One day a horse buyer named Elizabeth visits the farm and is intrigued by Sergios success with his horse, and to his surprise she makes a $150,000 offer to Sergio for the horse. Moreover, Elizabeth sponsors the renewal of Sergios visa and secures his position as the trainer.

Big City Plunder

Directors:  Unknown

Screenwriter:  Michael Fry 

Genre:  Family/Action


Log line:  After a courageous teenager is forced to move from Nebraska to the Bronx due to his father’s untimely death, he embarks on a suspense-filled adventure with four unlikely acquaintances in an effort to find a ancient Egyptian treasure before it falls into the hands of a greedy pawn.


Directors:  Joshua A. Porter

Screenwriter:  J. Walter Cohen

Genre:  Family


Jeremy Wilde is a deaf college student--The previous summer he lost his father in a tragic accident, and he took the autumn semester off to grieve. Suddenly forced back to school Jeremy has no choice but to register for a poetry class, where he encounters a beautiful young dance student named Leila, who is suffering from onset degenerative blindness. Unable to communicate with her, Jeremy admires Leila from a distance; however, they are forced together when they both get stuck in an elevator. This encounter inspires Jeremy to write his first poem about Leila, which he translates into Braille so that she can read it. They dedicate themselves to entering and understanding each other’s world as much as possible and to learn to express their love “in other words.”

THE Regulars

Screenwriter:  Joshua A. Porter and Michael Fry

Genre:  Comedy​


“Accept friend request”...that won’t work in this unofficial gathering. Social networking hasn't changed the landscape of this place, which clings to the past time of face-to-face time and the lost art form of conversation; and fortunately, for this 50- year-old cigar shop nothing will. Being one of the “Regulars” here is a privilege that is shared among the very few. Andrew, a young father to be, encounters the shop while looking for celebratory cigars to hand out. What he stumbles upon is a brotherhood like no other. Having grown up in a foster home with a single mother and no siblings, he longs to be a part of their brotherhood. The cigar shop owner, Ace, is wise beyond years. He desires nothing more in life than to see what good comes through a cigar and his shop. Andrew eventually looks up to Ace like the father he never knew and the “regulars” like brothers. With a glimpse into each character’s life away from the shop we learn what brings together an old-timer who lived through segregation, a corporate executive, an Italian insurance agent, an ex-Russian mobster, a waiter, and a Reverend. Soon after Andrew becomes one of the “Regulars”, Ace’s wife falls ill, and is forced to permanently close the shop. When the news hits the regulars at the shop, their disappointment is beyond measure. They will do everything possible to keep the doors open, even if they each must take shifts running the shop while still working their normal 9-to-5 jobs. The regulars hold a fundraiser for Ace, and keep the shop open while he’s away, caring for his wife. Things seem to be going smoothly, until they are hit with the news that Ace’s previously unknown financial troubles have put the shop in jeopardy of falling into the hands of a greedy outcast with ill intentions. In an effort to save the shop, Andrew races against time with the help of the regulars and an unlikely friend from Ace’s past. 

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